VIVANA Concierge Membership


Your VIVANA Concierge Membership affords you access to the most personal and luxurious level of service and benefits offered by VIVANA. In addition to the full suite of VIVANA benefits, Concierge members also enjoy the unlimited use of a dedicated personal concierge.

Payment: All fees and prices are in US dollars. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, payment by credit card or a guarantee of payment in the form of a Purchase Order Number is required prior to activating your membership account. By choosing the Credit Card – AutoPay option you agree for VIVANA to automatically charge the provided credit card according to the pricing specified for your membership. All credit card transactions are handled through a secure HTTPS connection with a trusted third-party credit card processor. A late fee of $25.00 will be applied to your next invoice for payments that are not received on time or for credit card payments that are unable to be processed. VIVANA reserves the right to suspend your account and your members’ ability to access your account in the event you fail to pay the appropriate account fees on time, until such time as proper payment is received. In the event VIVANA cancels or suspends your account, you agree to indemnify VIVANA LLC for any services improperly received by you.

Duration of Agreement & Refund Policy. You agree to enter into a pilot period with VIVANA for 30 days from the date you purchase VIVANA services. You may notify VIVANA in writing of any intent to discontinue the use of the VIVANA program at any time during the pilot period. All membership fees paid will be refunded to you if you request cancellation within the first 30 days of membership if no services have been rendered or discounts/promotions have been utilized*. If services or discounts/promotions have been rendered or utilized within the first 30 days, then only membership fees beyond the first month’s fees will be refunded, and the first month’s membership fee will not be refunded*. (Please see * condition below)

This Agreement will automatically renew each year on the anniversary of the start date of the pilot period for an additional term of one (1) year. VIVANA may cancel your use of the VIVANA program at any time by providing thirty (30) days written notice to you. VIVANA reserves the right to immediately cancel your use of the VIVANA program in the event that you are found to be under investigation for illegal or improper use of the VIVANA program or in the event of non-payment.

You may cancel the use of the VIVANA program without penalty by providing written notice within (60) days before your anniversary date (i.e. the date you purchased VIVANA services). Any cancellation request made outside of the sixty day anniversary timeframe or outside of the pilot period will result in a cancellation fee of $200. Any membership fees that have already been paid for future months will be refunded, beginning with the first of the next month.

In the event that you would like to re-activate your VIVANA discount program after discontinuing service with VIVANA, VIVANA will require upfront payment for the first six (6) months of your new service term prior to reactivating your VIVANA service. If you do not provide written notice to VIVANA prior to the end date of the pilot period then you will automatically begin a program term of one to three years, whichever was selected by you during the purchasing process, from the end date of the pilot period.

*Pilot period exception: Any membership that includes the VIVANA CONCIERGE program will automatically include a $90 cancellation fee. The VIVANA CONCIERGE program feature cannot be cancelled. You will continue to have access to the VIVANA CONCIERGE program until the anniversary date of your membership.

By clicking “Buy Now” and purchasing this product, you agree that you have reviewed and understand the Terms and Conditions linked below. Please note that memberships with a term longer than one (1) year are subject to a nonrefundable early termination/cancellation fee of up to $250 if a membership is cancelled after the 30 day trial period but prior to completion of the purchased membership term length.

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