Nurse Concierge & Health Advocacy

You’ll never have to navigate the healthcare system alone again. The Vivana Health Advocacy program is centered around our team of Nurse Advocates from FIRSTCALL and offers a comprehensive spectrum of programs that help you navigate the complex healthcare and insurance systems. Healthcare advocates can assist you and your family with clinical and administrative issues involving their medical, hospital, dental, pharmacy, and other healthcare needs. Our Healthcare advocates are nurses with a passion for helping patients and at least 15 years of experience in nursing and healthcare issues. Every nurse has outstanding clinical knowledge as well as significant experience managing and coordinating care. Their experience, maturity and knowledge of community resources provide patients and families with the best possible advocate to get them the help they need. You can be assured that each caring team member is working solely on your behalf and has your best interests in mind.

With just a phone call you can get answers to your questions from a nurse advocate who will help you navigate the healthcare system.

  • A registered nurse gets to know you, your situation and your needs.
  • Your nurse gathers the best available information and explains it in plain language so that you can make the best possible decisions for yourself or a loved one.
  • Your nurse becomes your personal guide and champion, advocating for you with doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, nursing homes, equipment suppliers, community services — anyone and everyone involved in your care.

The highly personalized assistance you’ll receive addresses a range of often challenging and sensitive health issues and  helps ensure that you receive the quality care—and the correct answers—you need, when you need them most. You’ll get one-on-one support that will give you peace of mind,  worry and time lost seeking solutions, and enables you to remain fully productive. The expert advocacy work of FIRSTCALL nurses is included in your Vivana Senior membership. Join today and have a trusted nurse in your corner.

How Health Advocacy works

Participants who call our toll-free number are assigned their own Nurse Advocate, a registered nurse, who will guide a member through his or her health journey. All calls are strictly confidential in compliance with the privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our highly personalized assistance, which addresses a range of sometimes challenging and sensitive health issues, helps ensure that you receive the quality care—and the correct answers—you need, when you need it. This one-on-one support frees you of worry and time lost seeking solutions, and enables you to live well.

Key Benefits:

  • Independent and objective service
  • Helps support consumer-driven health programs
  • Improves quality of care
  • Helps you better balance work and family health concerns
  • Professional, non-adversarial approach to finding the right answer
  • Compliance with HIPAA privacy and confidentiality requirements
  • Review of insurance benefits, claims and denials
  • Facilitation of second opinions
  • Categories:

    Health & Wellness Benefits, Medical Benefits

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